A good nights sleep could be keeping you from writing your first novel

Sleepless nights, I’ve had a few.

Although I’ve never been diagnosed with insomnia, I often lie awake at night while thoughts seemingly race through my brain. Sometimes they’re quite random, while other times they’re almost fully realized.

Somehow, and for some reason, I’ve thought up jokes in the middle of the night. Some of them have been so hilarious that I’ve woken my wife because I was actually laughing out loud at my own joke. And yet, I’ve never remembered to write them down!

I’ve thought of what I think are great lyrics and almost entire chapters to novels that I know I will never write. Again, I never seem to remember to write anything down!

I don’t consider myself to be a creative person, never have. However, perhaps its the lack of sleep or my subconscious that occasionally provides me with a glimpse of what is really going on in my head that I’m unable to express, for whatever reason?



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