I Learned Everything I know From Someone Else

It’s true! I’ve literally learned everything I know from someone else. I often think about this fact and, by doing so, I remember to always be open to learning something new from anyone in which I interact.

However, I readily admit that grammar is a notable weak point.

By being honest with myself that I don’t know everything and that I’ve learned everything I know from another person, I find that I’m a better listener and more open to taking time to consider how and why people say and do what they do.

There’s always multiple sides to any story in addition to multiple view points. Despite our desire for a black and white world, it simply doesn’t exist and once you embrace this fact you might just find yourself less stressed and more amazed at the randomness and beauty that is the chaos surrounding us.

I find myself triggered for inspiration and have a great deal of respect for anyone that inspires me. I think my greatest gift to family, friends and neighbours is to inspire them. Inspire them to do or say something that they hadn’t previously considered prior to our interaction. What a gift!




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