I’m the worst friend, ever!

I’m the worst friend, ever!

I’ll likely forget your birthday, unless Facebook sends me a reminder. I never send a card. I absolutely and positively abhor speaking on the telephone! Is there such a thing as a phobia of speaking on the phone? If so, I have it.

I’m the worst at gift giving, unless I discover something that screams you. However, I’m the guy that’ll help you out anytime I can. Help you move, lend you my truck and/or trailer and share your latest venture with everyone I know. If you meet me half way I’ll go above and beyond for whatever it is that’s important to you. Sadly, I often feel that my intentions miss the mark, by a long shot.

I find it perplexing, and it takes up a lot of my free time, yet I still try and figure out how I can meet people’s expectations, despite the fact that I rarely understand them.

The point? Be patient, be kind, and just know that I wish you all the best and am just figuring out how to be your friend the best way I know how.



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